Advantages of Staffing 11/9/2017 Return

An HR Department Without The Overhead

Gem State Staffing is essentially a devoted human resources team. Companies that use Gem State Staffing can save dramatically on overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house HR Department.  From wages and benefits to office space, costly advertising campaigns, supplies, and furniture, businesses can save thousands annually via the advantages Gem State Staffing offers.

Find The Right Full-Time, Part-Time, Or Temporary Employee

Not every business needs full-time, direct-hire employees.  Some are looking to try potential full-time employees on the job before committing to them, and some only need part-time or short-term contract help. Hire what you need, when you need it. Everyone likes options!

Eliminate Turn-over

The high cost of screening and hiring employees make turn-over a detriment to a company’s bottom line. Gem State Staffing helps you find the right person for the job by conducting background checks, pre-employment drug screens, and skills-testing to ensure that the best candidate is hired.

No Commitment

If your business has a permanent opening, Gem State Staffing helps you find multiple, qualified temporary-to-permanent applicants without any commitment.  It allows you to ‘try before you buy,’ providing the opportunity for you and the candidate to focus on training, observation of work habits, and, in a general sense, an extended working interview before making a final decision.  If your business has busy seasons, Gem State Staffing helps you fill your temporary personnel needs.  In this way, you save money on the unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and benefits for permanent employees.