Gem State Staffing was founded in 2000 by Tom and Lee Ann Welstad. The pioneering branch opened early 2001 in Idaho Falls and, thanks to its dedication to quality customer service and its experienced staff, became an instant success. The business model was simple: provide quality staffing and customer service at a competitive rate.

Following Idaho Falls’ remarkable first-year success, Gem State Staffing expanded to Twin Falls in 2002. Building on its now proven business model, GSS’s Twin Falls branch opened with confidence and quickly began to make a positive impact on the Magic Valley community. Twin Falls, like Idaho Falls, is a rural area economically-driven by agriculture and manufacturing. The ‘blue collar’ work ethic of the  local employees helped  GSS build lasting relationships with numerous Magic Valley businesses.

The admiration for its existing offices by their respective communities, in combination with the company’s fiscal strength, led Gem State Staffing to expand for a third time in 2004 with a new branch in Boise. This location proved especially fruitful because GSS could now service businesses across the Snake River Plains. Additionally, the Treasure Valley office introduced GSS to new, exciting industries and provided customers a local, personable alternative to the area’s existing national chains.

In order to help the Boise office address their sustained high demand for service, Gem State Staffing continued to expand around the Treasure Valley. The Nampa office opened in 2006 with the same success seen by its predecessors, and the Caldwell office – GSS’s newest – opened in 2015. As demonstrated by each of the Boise-area locations, GSS has persisted as a regional leader in quality staffing and has established its reputation for excellence in the competitive Treasure Valley market.

In 2008, to supplement the hard work of its Idaho Falls office, Gem State Staffing continued its expansion into South-Eastern Idaho with their Pocatello branch. As with the other offices, it quickly gained popularity among local businesses and job-seekers. GSS broadened its reach even further with the opening of its Burley office in 2010 and the Rexburg office in 2013, both of which allowed the company to better serve their rural customers. In this capacity, each of the South-Eastern Idaho branches has been hugely beneficial to the company as a whole.

With its unique ability to adapt in a variety of industries and locales, Gem State Staffing tailors its services to meet each customer’s individual needs. For more than fifteen years, GSS has provided quality employment opportunities to thousands of people. Whether you are an individual seeking employment or an employer looking for staffing solutions, Gem State Staffing is ready serve!