How Does This Work? 11/9/2017 Return

Sooooo, how does all this work?

We’re so glad you asked! Our offices exist for the sole purpose of putting people to work with local, regional and nationwide companies. Each day our offices receive orders from our client companies requesting us to fill an open position. Some of the positions are as short as 1-day with others as long as 1-year. Most of our positions are what we call Temp-to-Hire, meaning the company you’re sent to work for wants to eventually fill that position with a full-time employee. After a short trial period as a temporary employee of Gem State Staffing, our client companies have the option to hire the individual we’ve assigned to them.

Gem State Staffing’s role in this process is to recruit, qualify, and employ people that most closely match the hiring criteria of our client companies. No two companies are alike and we do our very best to match job seekers with companies that meet their desired goals and needs.

Job seekers normally come to us for two reasons. First, because they are interested in applying for a specific position that we are recruiting for. Second, they are interested in working short-term assignments and becoming part of our available worker pool. Both situations require applications and interviews with our staff. It’s important for Gem State Staffing to fully understand your employment desires, which is why we interview all our applicants in office.